The start to a fresh new year is well underway, and what’s more is that there are exciting and innovative things in store for the Telecoms Industry in 2018.  Technology is advancing faster than ever before, and as such it’s an unprecedented exciting time.  Here are our predictions for the top trends to look out for in the year ahead.

5G Rollout

The 5G rollout got underway in 2017 and will be accelerated in 2018.  This will be another integral step in the rapid evolution of the mobile industry.  5G will provide users with faster download speeds, making it easier to stream things such as HD movies.  Overall this will provide an all-round better user experience for all functions that command internet connectivity. 5G is still in its infancy but expect to see it become more and more widespread throughout the year ahead.

Internet of Things

Hands up who got an Amazon Echo or Google Home for Christmas?  Smart Speakers and Home Assistants are prime examples of ‘Internet of Things’ technology.  

It seems that they have taken the market by storm and this is only going to grow in 2018.  So what is the ‘Internet of Things’?  To put it simply, it’s the incorporation of internet connectivity to devices such as vehicles or home appliances.  Also known as the ‘Fourth Revolution’, it aims to provide a more intuitive and tailored user experience.  However ‘The Internet of Things’ speculated achilles heel is digital security.  

The marketplace for the Internet of Things exploded in 2017 and it’s set to get nothing but bigger over the next few years.  2018 will no doubt see ‘The Internet of Things’ becoming an increasingly normal part of everyday life, if anything, providing a more connected society.

Heightened Security

Every organisation should have an existing cyber security strategy and it would certainly benefit from getting an update in 2018, considering how fast technology is advancing.  2017 highlighted incidents of what can go wrong if adequate cyber security is not put in place.  An example of this was the WannaCry ransomware which hit the NHS and shook the whole nation as says were spent grappling with it.   

If there’s one thing that we can safely predict (no pun intended!), it’s that Cyber Security will be considered with newfound seriousness in 2018.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities are a model for the future of all cities across the globe.  They incorporate smart technology, providing a more efficient system of operating, not to mention an improved user experience for city goers.  Cisco defines smart cities as those who adopt “scalable solutions that take advantage of information and communications technology (ICT) to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance quality of life”.

Some examples of Smart Cities include Singapore, Dubai and San Francisco.  What we predict to see in 2018 is more cities across the globe incorporating Smart City technology.   

Many cities have plans in the pipeline to transform into, or at least more in the direction of becoming a Smart City.

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