Your telephone system is crucial to how you communicate across your organisation. Investing in a new telephone system can be costly, but the communication link it provides to customers is crucial. Many UK Charities and businesses overlook the essential ongoing maintenance once they have made the initial investment. It’s a risky practice and can seriously impact your yearly budgets should something go wrong.

What Is Maintenance?

Maintenance allows you to extend the life of your system and increases its reliability. You need to understand why you need it and the benefits it can have for you in the long term.

If your business or Charity is dependant on communications and is embedded in how you do business, maintenance should be an important part of your risk prevention strategy.

The Cost of Downtime

Ask yourself the question:

“How much would it cost the organisation if your telephone system went down?”

The likely answer to this is a substantial disruption to operations and customers. Your staff would not be able to work. You may have issues accessing your data, and the cost of repair may be in the £100s, you may need to replace your equipment. The cost will only increase the longer it takes to resolve your issue.

As well as this, you would also be unlikely to provide the service that your customers need and expect, thus damaging your reputation and resulting in a serious loss of trust. The fundamental principles of providing good customer care are to build a positive reputation and therefore depends on consistent and reliable communication channels. Imagine if your customers could not get in contact with you? On top of this, you may lose vital customer recommendations that could have enabled you to reach your target early! When you consider all of these factors, it’s easy to see how the cost of your system downtime and go far beyond the time it takes to fix your telephone system.

Get Support from the Experts

Thankfully here at the VS Group, we have a solution. Our maintenance contracts can prevent this nightmare scenario from happening. Through experienced in-house engineers, we are on hand to assist with any issues that may arise promptly, as well as enabling your organisation to stay connected.

If you’d like to discuss the support packages that we offer or are looking to upgrade your current telephony, complete the form below, and we will call you back!