The telecoms industry is fast-paced and ever-changing, with constant technological advances that can benefit us all.  More people are connected than ever before, with record breaking numbers of people across the globe with telecoms access – there is no doubt that the demand is out there, driving the industry forward with pioneering new technologies.  Here are some emerging industry trends and updates to keep an eye out for in the future.


5G is the technological successor to 3G / 4G, used to stream data on mobile devices. 5G is set to provide even faster streaming, which, in the current internet age, will most likely be greatly received by mobile users.  5G is set to be rolled out by 2020, with it currently in its testing phase. One thing is for sure, faster and more reliable streaming will help to streamline operational processes in Charitable Organisations and businesses alike, which is great news all round.

Increased Use of Cloud Services

Cloud Technology is an ever-growing technological trend, not just within the telecoms industry, but the technology industry as a whole.  To put it simply, cloud technology is convenient.

Cloud Telephony, also known as ‘Hosted Telephony’ is an emerging technology that many organisations are opting for, for reasons such as the ISDN phase out and the fact that it is often an economical option, as Cloud systems can be cheaper and require no costly maintenance.

VS Group offers Hosted Telephony Systems from just £15.99 per month, which include free local, national and mobile calls, free installation and handset, not to mention the option to keep existing numbers.

ISDN Switch Off 

ISDN networks are currently in the process of being phased out, and are set to be switched off completely by 2025.  This will potentially affect tens of thousands of Charitable Organisations across the UK, who will need to migrate their networks to IP. Although there is still a wait before the switchover goes ahead, it is recommended that charities start looking into switching over sooner rather than later.  This is because maintenance to ISDN networks is being pulled back, ahead of its phase out, meaning their reliability could potentially start to go downhill.

The good news is that charities needn’t worry about the impending switchover, as VS Group is offering a FREE ISDN upgrade to SIP Trunks, for a limited time only.  ‘Future-proofing’ your charity’s telecoms system with SIP trunks actually has many benefits, including the ability to keep existing numbers and typically a cost save too. 

Internet of Things

The ‘Internet of Things’ is a new technological trend whereby inanimate household objects are designed with internet connectivity built in, controllable by mobile devices, which in turn is set to play a role in increased numbers of mobile devices.  Google and Amazon are jumping on this innovative new technology that is designed to make peoples lives more easy and convenient. 

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