We are about halfway through February and already there have been some big and exciting changes in the VS Group company so far this year.  Not only have we taken on several new members of staff but we have also appointed a new Head of Sales, John Frost, who has over a decade of experience within the Telecoms industry.  Read on to find out what he has planned for VS Group for the year ahead, to continue to steer the company towards success and help more charities and voluntary organisations in the process.

What is your background in the Telecoms Industry?

“I worked at Daisy Group from 2005 as a Sales Advisor, offering mobile solutions to small business customers.  Having previously worked in Retail Management for 12 years, I gained strong leadership qualities, which I brought to the role and facilitated in my promotion to Team Leader at the company.  My team and I worked towards providing tailored B2B cost saving solutions to meet our clients exacting needs.”

“Having gained a plethora of experience within the industry, I am now able to impart the skills and knowledge that I’ve gained to train my own sales teams, which is exactly what I am doing at VS Group.”

VS Group Sales Team 3

How are you finding being part of the VS Group team so far?  

“It’s both exciting and rewarding at the same time.  My work has been cut out with recruiting new members for our Sales Team whilst also implementing new and improved strategies for the department.  I’m very much in my element and I’m fortunate to be working with great people.  I am excited to push forward with our continual progress.”

VS Group Sales Team 1

What is your vision for VS Group / what makes you passionate about driving the sales team to success?

“Kevin (Managing Director) and I have a shared vision for where we would like to steer the business in 2018, and we are making real progress in bringing that vision to reality.  VS Group is very unique in what it does, with helping charities and Third Sector organisations to save on their tech and telecoms costs.  I am incredibly passionate about the work that VS Group does as a whole and I’m driven to help us to help even more Non Profit organisations in the year ahead.”

What are the current trends that you think are most relevant in the telecoms industry at the minute?

“It is so critical that Charities and Voluntary Sector organisations alike, ensure that they have streamlined and efficient telecoms and technology to allow it to perform optimally.  Many organisations are still unaware that BT is in the process of phasing out ISDN, so now is a great time to future-proof existing telecoms systems, which we are currently offering for free to Non Profit organisations.”

VS Group Sales Team 5

What advice can you give to charities and voluntary organisations that are interested in upgrading their tech and telecoms?

“Be open minded to new technology, as some of it, when used correctly, can really improve the efficiency of your organisation.  Technology moves fast and the benefits are endless.  We invite any charity or Non Profit organisation to get in touch with our Technical Specialists for a no obligation assessment to determine what the best cost saving solutions would be for them.”