VS Group recently completed another installation at at a Citizens Advice Bureau branch – in this case, Broxtowe.  Our Head of Technical Engineering, Jim Yelland, explains what the project entailed…

“After completing an initial technical site survey to verify the current cabling provisioning on site, the existing PBX – an Aastra 430 – and the quantity of both desk and cordless phones that were being used, a post-survey plan was created to provide the perfect solution for Broxtowe Citizens Advice Bureau.  This included an assessment on cost-cutting, not only an initial but also a monthly out-goings basis.”

“Following this, the VS Group Technical Team visited the site once again to install the new Samsung 7200s IP system, rack-mounted into their existing 21u comms and IT cabinet.  In addition to this, we provided a complimentary surge protection for the equipment, to ensure its uninterrupted smooth running whilst connected to the customers own ring main power.”


Broxtowe Citizens Advice - VS Group Charity Telecoms


“The transition from one system to another took place over the following 4 hours, to keep “downtime” to an absolute minimum.”

“The changeover ran smoothly, and though they had an ISDN30 circuit working on the Aastra, the intention to move to SIP with our new Samsung meant that the system was ready for both types of lines, and only waiting for us to provide the broadband connection from which the SIP would emanate, and direct dials moved over from the ISDN to SIP quite seamlessly.”

“Citizens Advice Broxtowe how has SIP trunks with incoming Caller ID that was something they were promised from their previous provider on the ISDN30 – it just wasn’t enabled on the BT network”

“Once the ISDN30 circuit had been disconnected, saving a huge amount for the charity, and giving Broxtowe Citizens Advice a telecoms system that has been specifically designed to meet their needs and requirements as a charity.”

“Their old Aastra system was de-installed for them at no extra charge, and disposed of under the WEEE directive that we run here at VS Group.”