VS Group Charity Telecoms recently completed a telephony installation project at Citizens Advice St Helens 

The project involved linking two of its office sites together using Samsung Proprietary Networking capability (also known as SPNet).

This modern telecoms infrastructure was utilised in this case to keep the charity’s existing telecoms spend to a minimum and efficiently connect the two sites.

VS Group installed 40 new digital Samsung phones, with 35 of them connected to a Samsung OfficeServ 7200s installed at the larger site, and a further 5 phones on a Samsung OfficeServ 7030 installed at the smaller one. This range of telephony technology was specifically selected to optimise the seating capacity of each of the Citizens Advice St Helens office sites.

This installation provided an effective cost-saving solution, enabling internal calls between the sites using purely a connection to the internet.  This telephony hardware provides modern functionality and technological longevity, making the transfer of calls simple and easy and also enabling multi-site conference calls.  In addition to this, the system is fully customisable via remote access, meaning that they can be reconfigured by a technician as and when required.

The project took just a few days to be fully installed; the phones relied on adequate bandwidth in order to function and VS Group provided both broadband and analogue lines to each site to enable this to happen.

VS Group’s Head of Technical Engineering, Jim Yelland, oversaw the installation of the project.

He said : “The communications between the two Citizens Advice St Helens sites is now merged seamlessly – we are very pleased with how this project has turned out and also very happy to see that the staff at Citizen’s Advice St Helens are pleased with the outcome of our work.”

In addition to Citizens Advice St Helens, VS Group has worked with a number of other Citizens Advice Bureau branches across the UK.