VS Group has completed another Age UK telecoms installation, at the Bradford branch.  The VS Group technical team installed a Samsung 7100 digital telephone system, along with 8 Samsung digital telephones at both sites then linked them together with SPNet.  This was to provide the capability to communicate internally between sites, completely free of charge. Both of the systems installed are fully equipped with voicemail functionality.

The installation itself was executed in three stages. The first comprised of the installation of the system with the phones, onto their existing ISDN line.  Next, the VS Group technical team installed the broadband connectivity at both sites, with preconfigured routers, then they proceeded to test the dummy SIP.  Finally, the technical team ported the existing numbers over to the SIP network.

Overall, the installation was a success and Age UK Bradford is now equipped with an efficient and future-proofed telephony solution, that will mean that they will not need to worry about the upcoming ISDN phase out.  As the second installation site was to be used a shop for Age UK Bradford, the new system will provide them will all of the means for running and efficiency that they would need.