The VS Group Technical Team recently headed up to Scotland to complete a major installation at charity, Police Treatment. The installation, which took 4 days in total, comprised of a Samsung 7100  telephone system and 20 Samsung digital handsets.

Both Jim Yelland, VS Group’s head of Technical Engineering, and Daniel Cure, our Samsung Telecoms Engineer, worked together to complete the installation.  (Picture above) the installation was completed to Jim’s exacting standards.  Staff training on the system was provided to ensure that the Police Treatment team were familiarised with the new system and could get the most out of it moving forward.

(Pictured above, Jim Yelland and staff from Police Treatment). 

VS Group Head of Technical Engineering, Jim Yelland said : “I am really pleased with how smoothly the Police Treatment installation went.   (VS Group Engineer) Dan, worked tirelessly and it was a complete pleasure to work with the wonderful team at Police Treatment.”

VS Group Samsung Engineer, Daniel Cure, said : “To start we put the system in a completed the general configurations.”

“Next we began to buzz out the old phones that were not going to be used and put our new phones in and onto the system.”

“Eventually we started swapping out the old phones – we put the  ISDN lines onto our system and began to complete the install.”

“Once this was all completed, we carried out training for the staff and made any necessary changes to the programming to make sure everything was working smoothly.”