Earlier this year, VS Group headed down to the East Coast to carry out a communications installation at Voluntary Norfolk.  We are now pleased to share this case study on our website.

The charity supports both volunteers and voluntary organisations within the county of Norfolk.  Voluntary Norfolk is a crucial part of the community, serving as a communal voice and assisting with skills, such as employability.

Resources & Governance Manager, Julia Creusson from Voluntary Norfolk said : ” Our staff are delighted with the new system, the installation ran smoothly and the VS Group technical team were great in keeping us updated with the installation status.”

Voluntary Norfolk

“We had problems with our previous provider, who were charging us a lot.  We were looking for a more cost-effective alternative, which is why we decided to switch to VS Group.  The new system, gives us more options and flexibility and is easier for our staff to operate and deal with such activities as  conference calls and recording messages.”

“I was delighted to see their Managing Director, Kevin Penman, and get the chance to talk to him personally about what VS Group could do for us.  From the experience that we had, I would recommend VS Group to other charities.”

VS Group engineers, Jim Yelland and Daniel Cure carried out the two day long installation, who had travelled down especially.  The project involved installing 35 handsets and one IP phone, for an external office site.

Voluntary Norfolk

Telecoms Engineer, Daniel Cure, who recently passed his Samsung OSF course, said : “Everything went to plan with regards to the installation and the staff received training at the end, to ensure that they knew how to use the new system to its full potential.  Also, to assist the IT department, we helped to sort out the patch panel cabinet for greater codification and functionality for ongoing maintenance.”