A recent study revealed that a staggering 50% of charities and third sector organisations have not got a digital strategy in place, despite acknowledging that having a digital presence would significantly increase their fundraising activities.

With technology growing at a fast pace, embracing new technological advances can help make a big difference to your charity. This can range from holding conference calls through VoIP solutions or video conferencing to keeping your social following up-to-date via social media, it can all add a significant advantage to your charity.

The population are adapting to new technological advances on a daily basis, and it’s no surprise that they expect charities to do this as well! With many of the world’s population using online banking, job searching on the internet or browsing the world wide web, many people expect to make a donation to a charity to be quick and easy.

Embracing the constant technological advances for your charity can also welcome new ideas from your supporters. It is expected that the role of any charity in the coming years will be to channel those ideas from supporters to help make a bigger difference to the causes that you care about.

The use of mobile phones can significantly add value to your charity, allowing you to take videos and pictures to tell your story. The use of video conferencing via web applications is becoming all the more important when managing multi-sites, however; ensuring you have stable connectivity is vitally important, whilst also making it cheap and easy.

Not all of the UK charities have the digital skills they require. Technology has allowed us to significantly streamline our operations to further add value to the business whilst also cutting costs. Our Field Consultants are on hand to assist with your digital transformation and will spend 30 minutes with you discussing the way in which you can embrace technology in your charity. This is a FREE service that we provide to help charities embrace the 21st Century. Sounds good? Let’s connect and empower you.