Earlier in the year, VS Group successfully completed a major installation at Citizens Advice Wirral.  This update of its telecoms infrastructure was required by the charity to optimise its communications and drive down the cost of its existing telecoms spend.  In addition to the installation, VS Group pledged a donation of more than £3,800 over the next two years to assist the charity with its communications expenditure.


Citizens Advice Wirral required a new call centre facility to accommodate for new staff and allow them to amalgamate departments within the charity, providing an improved service.

The hardware chosen for this project was specially selected by the VS Group technical team to optimise for the telephony capacity that was required, which was determined by an initial site survey.

The existing phones were replaced with 64 modern digital phone sets, 30 of which were the Samsung 7-button DS5007S and a further 35 of which were Samsung DS2100B standard key phones.


A new system was also installed, which included 126 cables and back boxes and trunking.  The dated, existing system was patched into the new one, which meant that Citizens Advice Wirral experienced no downtime during the installation process and the charity’s ability to operate as normal was not inhibited.

On completion of the installation, the system was rigorously tested by the VS Group engineers to ensure that it was fully functioning.  Our Trainee Telecoms Engineer, Daniel Cure, assisted with the installation.

He said : “From the preparation stage, through until the execution of this project, everything ran smoothly and efficiently – this afforded us time to spend with the staff at Citizens Advice Wirral  to train them on the new system and ensure they get the most out of it.  It’s always an amazing feeling when a project is completed and charities are happy with the work that we have done for them.”

The project was initially forecast to take 10 days to complete, however the VS Group Telecoms Engineers worked efficiently and managed to completed it one day ahead of schedule, so instead it took just 9 days.

Visiting the Finished Call Centre

 Our Managing Director, Kevin Penman, recently headed down to Citizens Advice Wirral to have a look at the finished call centre and to find out what the staff at the charity thought of it – there were smiles all round!

VS Group has worked with a number of Advice Bureau branches across the UK, including Manchester, St Helens and Grimsby.

Kevin Penman with Citizens Advice Wirral CEO Carol Johnson-Eyre at Citizens Advice Wirral.

Kevin Penman with Citizens Advice Wirral CEO Carol Johnson-Eyre.