Anyone who works in the Third Sector will be acutely aware that organisations within the industry have access to limited funding.  This subsequently means that there is massive importance for charities and voluntary organisations alike to ensure that their money goes the extra mile for necessities such as operational and running costs.

Effective financial planning is a prime example of how Third Sector organisations can do just that, and opting for ‘fixed costs’ is a great way to help with it.  It facilitates charities with planning outgoings, whilst mitigating any future issues if insufficient funding is not available, should prices go up. Moreover, in many cases there is an overall cost saving to benefit from as a result of opting for fixed costs, and that is before the circumvention of any price increases is taken into account.

People in the charity sector are understandably frugal when it comes to their outgoings, however, they should not shy away from fixed costs, instead it is something to be open minded about and embrace.

Telecoms and tech spend are prime examples of outgoing that are ideal to opt for on a fixed cost basis, which is exactly why we offer fixed costs as standard.