Ever since 1876, the PSTN network has been in operation. The network ensures we can all access communication methods that are fit for purpose. Until now, the PSTN network has served millions of users. With technological advancements growing increasingly quick, it does not surprise the network is old and in-efficient.

From 2025, the PSTN network is reported to reach the end of life and will cease to exist from then. While this network is made up of single lines, it also supports several other products like ISDN2 and ISDN30, from December 2025, these connections will also cease.

What Should I Be Doing to Prepare for The ISDN Switch Off?

The telephone network comprises single copper lines, which is now not fit for how we communicate. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services are increasingly popular, but they need a good reliable internet connection to run seamlessly. VoIP is the new breed of telephony communication, allowing you to be flexible and work remotely and seamlessly.

If your telephony is currently running on PSTN or ISDN, then you really need to start looking at upgrading this onto the VoIP network. Before the ISDN switch off, for a free complimentary telephony review, get in touch today by calling us on 0330 094 0170.

What Happens With My Internet?

More than likely, your internet will be running over the same copper line as your phone line. Therefore your provider will be contacting you in due course to arrange the migration of this service.

Your broadband is crucial to the PSTN and ISDN switch off, meaning that you need single-order broadband to work seamlessly for your VoIP system.

What’s the timescale for the ISDN Switch Off?

In 2023, BT Openreach reports that they will not be supplying any new PSTN lines or ISDN. Begin your preparations for the ISDN switch-off today, complete the form below to arrange your review.