Here at VS Group, not only do we provide Telecoms to charities, but we also offer a wide range of office equipment, including future-proofed printing solutions.  From state of the art Toshiba photocopiers, to printers and barcode systems, all at a reduced rate cost.  We have solutions to suit the needs of any charity.

Some of the Toshiba models that we provide include : E-Studio2505AC, E-Studio3005AC, E-Studio3505AC, E-Studio4505AC, E-Studio5005AC, E-Studio5506AC, E-Studio6506AC, E-Studio7506AC.


  • Advanced Toshiba e-BRIDGE controller technology for high-quality document output in both colour and monochrome.
  • RGB substitution allows accurate colours with office applications.
  • Auto-calibration ensures consistency of colour across small and large print jobs.
  • Embedded web browser on some models for ease of use.
  • Modern tablet style touch screen controls.
  • Time saving and convenience customisations.
  • Ultra secure with self-encryption.
  • Optional additional security functions.



Many of the models that we offer are perfect options for charities as they are environmentally considerate, reducing both paper and ink usage, to ultimately save your charity money and resources.  We offer RoHS compliant models that utilise recycled plastics and have a low power mode option to save energy.  That’s not to mention that they are ENERGY STAR Tier 2 compliant.