Post COVID-19

Here at VS Group we have created a diverse approach to do business with our new and existing customers post Covid-19 where a face to face meeting may not be possible. This means you are still able to take advantage of all of our products and services that will help your business reduce costs and improve your communications infrastructure while still following government guidelines.

We have adapted our set up to enable you to either book a virtual meeting, request a quote or order online via our website.

For more information on products and pricing please click into the relevant page under services. We are also still doing face to face meetings with social distancing measures in place if this is your preferred choice.

Here at the VS Group, we offer all of your charity communication requirements in one place, taking advantage of cost savings on call charges, line rental, broadband and mobiles, all designed to allow your charity to work more efficiently.

Our method over the years has been perfected, providing your charity with one monthly bill. From our initial discussion, we provide you with a comprehensive review of your communications to see how we can make life easier for you.

Our expert team are platinum accredited, ensuring that our solutions are designed around your requirements. From the initial consultation you have with us, we will ask you questions about your communication infrastructure and recommend a bespoke solution that can increase your charities efficiency. After our initial meeting, we will analyse your bills and identify cost savings with our lowest price guarantee. We pride ourselves on providing a stress-free and seamless service that works with your charity for now and in the future.

When it comes to choosing a new charity telecoms provider, it’s crucial that you ensure that they provide the right balance between the service that they provide and the cost savings. Our partnership with our suppliers means that we can offer cost-effective telephony and connectivity solutions whilst also taking into account your telephony infrastructure now and in the future.

From the very start, it’s important that we ask the right questions to allow us to fully understand your charity, your challenges, your opportunities and your needs for now and in the future. Over 10 years, we’ve perfected the balance of service and cost savings, ensuring that our customer’s needs are at the forefront of all of our proposals.

We have helped over 500 charities across the UK reduce their telecoms spend whilst also embracing new and emerging technology.

Our team of expert telecom advisers can quickly identify cost savings opportunities that allows you to reinvest back into the good work that your charity does.

Technology is at the forefront of any charity and business, and it’s our mission to offer UK charities the opportunity to embrace new technology to help control costs and boost efficiencies.

If you’d like a FREE telecoms analysis for your charity, simply get in touch today.

We are on hand to discuss potential cost savings that you could be making. Even if you don’t feel like speaking with us face-to-face, you can opt for an online meeting where we can perform a telecommunications review for your charity and show you the cost savings that you can be making!

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If you’d like to book either a face-to-face meeting or an online video call with a member of our friendly team, or if you have a charity telecoms question, we’d love to speak with you.

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