Lambeth Law Centre enables local people in Lambeth and the surrounding areas to understand their legal rights and enforce them. Through its work it aims to achieve social change for a fairer and more equal society.  In the last year the organisation has fielded 2,400 enquiries and supported 706 individuals.

Based in the inner city borough of Lambeth, with a high proportion of the local community belonging to a wide variety of minority ethnic groups, Lambeth Law Centre primarily supports with housing, immigration, money advice, welfare rights, employment and discrimination.

Lambeth Law Centre has worked with VS Group Charity Telecoms since August 2013. With a requirement to support the day-to-day operations of a busy workforce that provide essential advice and support services that is vital to the livelihoods of its clients.

Tara Malcolm is office manager at Lambeth Law Centre and has been witnessing an increased demand on the services the charity provides, and therefore the technology that allows inbound and outbound communication.

“We are fielding calls all of the time,” she said. “And like any organisation we are seeing the effect of funding cuts. We offer a range of legal advice to the community in Lambeth and the efficiency of the service we provide alongside the money we can reinvest in frontline services is vital.”

The centre runs 24 Samsung handsets across the telephone system provided by VS Group. It enables a series of call features that means calls are never missed, but importantly the service provided allowed Lambeth Law Centre to save money when it switched from its previous service provider. And that means funds can be directed across other areas of the charity.

Tara added: “We were paying nearly £1,000 a month with our previous provider. We met with Kevin and he was able to reduce our technology spend, ensuring our monthly costs were driven down and crucially, that we receive a high level of service. When we switched to VS Group we experienced no downtime at all and our charity was able to provide a continuity of service.”