VS Group is excited to announce that our Managing Director, Kevin Penman, will be embarking on a self-funded expedition to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, taking place towards the end of 2017.

His endeavours are all in the name of good causes, as he will be raising money for a selection of charities that he has a personal connection to.

Majestic thought it may be, Mount Kilimanjaro is no mean feat to scale; the mountain is the tallest in the African continent and reaches a height of 20,000-foot in height.

Kevin, who is a fitness, health and gym enthusiast,  has already started the gruelling training process and he will be posting a monthly progress update on the VS Group blog in the run up to the climb.

Kevin vs Kilimanjaro - 2017 - vs group - 1Kevin vs Kilimanjaro - 2017 - vs group - 2-2

Kevin said “It’s all booked but the reality of what I am embarking on hasn’t quite sunk in yet!  This will no doubt be one of the biggest challenges that I have ever risen to, but the fact that it is for a good cause is really going to drive me up that mountain.  I am looking forward to sharing my journey in the process and raising lots of money for deserving charities”

He will also be vlogging his experience during the climb too, so expect to be hearing and seeing lots more about the climb in the coming months!

You can follow Kevin’s training progress across social media with the hashtag ‘#KevinVSKilimanjaro’.

Kevin vs Kilimanjaro - 2017 - vs group - 2-2Kevin vs Kilimanjaro - 2017 - vs group - 2-2