VoIP is becoming increasingly popular across the UK and the world. With good reason too. It eliminates the need for costly landlines and gives you more flexibility in terms of where you can take calls.

But one of the most frequently asked questions about VoIP – or Voice over Internet Protocol – is whether it’s reliable. In this post, we’ll discuss how reliable VoIP is for an organisation.

Understanding VoIP reliability

As the name suggests, VoIP provides voice calling or ‘telephony’ over the internet. This means that you can make and receive calls without a regular phone line, either from a designated VoIP device or simply through your computer.

Understanding how this works gives you a better idea when it comes to VoIP reliability. In short, it depends on your internet connection. VoIP itself is undoubtedly reliable for everything from business calls to personal use. It merely needs a reliable internet connection to go with it.

Is my internet reliable for VoIP?

When it comes to VoIP reliability, the good news is that average broadband speeds are continuously on the up. As of 2018, 95% of UK premises have access to superfast broadband connections, while the average speed increased 18% year on year.

Best of all, VoIP doesn’t require a particularly fast level of broadband. While online gaming requires up to 3mbps (megabytes per second) download speed and Netflix up to 25mbps, VoIP typically only requires around 1mbps.

Reliable VoIP solutions

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