Technology for charities, it’s a game of two halves.  The YMCA is one of the most recognisable global organisations.

Synonymous with supporting young people and communities, it lays claim to being the oldest and largest youth charity in the world.

Focusing on young people, YMCA helps its members play an active and fulfilling role within their communities through its “youth-minded community approach”.

It also provides a wide range of community-based activities and services to help meet local needs wherever we are based.

Although part of a global movement –  with 58 million people supported across 119 different countries – YMCAs work and respond locally. Huddersfield YMCA is one such branch.

Putting the Money Where it Matters

Huddersfield YMCA has 1,000 members, and provides support through its centre based at its thriving centre in the Yorkshire town.

Primarily operating as a sports club and function suite, Huddersfield YMCA sits at the hard of the community and provides both young and old with access to its services.

It has a dogged determination to ensure all funds are directed into the community-based services. Whether supporting its football and rugby teams, or providing function rooms and bars for charity revenue generation, the Huddersfield YMCA recognised a need to scale back the spend on its telecoms infrastructure while ensuring service remained at an optimum level.

On looking for a new provider, chairman David Ruddiman found his answer in VS Group.

Clear lines of communication.  In addition to being chairman of Huddersfield YMCA, David also works with a number of charitable organisations. He, more than most, recognises the importance of being able to direct funds to the areas that matter most.

“When I first met the team at VS, they were incredibly helpful,” he said. “As an organisation we run a small office, a couple of bars and a function room, all of which are central to helping us operate and deliver services back into the community.

“By working with the VS Group team, we were able to reduce our telecoms spend, and in the process plough the savings back into the running our successful YMCA centre. From the installation, technicians being on site, through to dealing with senior VS team, the experience was a positive one.

“Though we may not be the biggest organisation, is it essential that we ensure our communication channels remain open. It is also important that we have the option to scale the service and do so with minimal disruption.”

And with the ability to put more money back into the club, the YMCA certainly has no need to feel down.