As a lot of us will know, social media has become an essential tool for promotion and marketing, for all organisations.  It is crucial for charities to be on social media, in order to harness its power to ensure maximum reach.  In this day and age, almost everyone in the First World is a user of social media, so its potential is limitless.

Here we are sharing some top tips for Third Sector organisations to leverage their social media presence in the most effective ways possible.

Use the Donate Button

Many social media platforms have introduced donate buttons, which makes it ultra convenient for users to give.  For example, Facebook very recently rolled out a Donate button for UK and Europe users, which has been available for some years to users in the US.  You can add a Donate button to your charity’s Facebook Page, providing that it is under the Non For Profit Organisation category.  All you need to do is simply go to the ‘Call to Action’ section and select ‘donate’ from the drop down menu.  Next you can add a link, either to a fundraising website like Just Giving, or a designated landing page on your website where people can donate.  The easier and more convenient you make it for people to donate to your charitable organisation, the more likely that they will, so go ahead and make the most of Facebook’s new giving function.

Targeted Ads

A great way to generate new donors through social media is by using targeted ads, which are an efficient way to attract new interest, as well as tailor your marketing to suit different demographics.  Don’t be afraid to investing some of your marketing budget on Facebook ads, if you are not already doing so, as they are a great way generate donations and get ROI.  Targeted Facebook’s ads can also be used for awareness campaigns that your charity is running, in addition to assisting your charity’s page to get more likes.

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Raise Awareness

By using social media, you can reach out to an audience that may not even know that your charity exists.  In addition to this, you can also draw light to a specific cause or even advertise an event that your charity is hosting.  Whatever your charity is up to, let it be known on social media.

Use a Designated Hashtag

The modern coined term ‘hashtag’ has become one of the hottest buzzwords in the realm of social media and digital marketing.  You can centre your hashtags around your charity or campaigns that it runs, making them easily recognisable and searchable on social media platforms.  Instagram and Twitter are two particular platforms in which hashtags are particularly crucial.  You can jump on trending hashtags in an effort to get noticed and contribute to popular conversations.  #MondayMotivation, #WendesdayWisdom and #FridayFeeling are some popular hashtags to get your started.

Show the World Your Charity’s Good Work

Social media provides the perfect platform for charities to showcase the good work that they are doing.  Donors want to see how their contributions are helping and making a difference.  You can share photos, videos and even do live streams on social media.  You can also share invitations to fundraising events that your charity is hosting, or any fundraising stunts that people may be doing on behalf of your charity.

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Live Updates

Social media is great because it is all in real time.  So when your charity is hosting an event, or attending an event, you can share it with all of your followers on social media and generate interest in the process.  All you simply need for this is a smartphone or a tablet and access to the internet.

Sharing is Caring

You can increase your charity’s reach on social media by encouraging your followers to share your content, which could help your charity to gain yet more followers and awareness.

An Opportunity to Listen

Not only is social media an amazing platform to share news and updates about your charity, but is is also a great place to hone in feedback from the public.  This feedback is invaluable for charities to apply, to make themselves even better.  Creating a discourse with both your donors and potential donors is a fantastic way of showing appreciation.