November is finally here and we are now not too far away from the countdown to Christmas.  The festive season is a time of giving, making it an incredible time for charitable organisations to make it both easy and fun for people to do just that, which is good news for all.  Now is the perfect time to start planning your festive appeal and to help you we’ve put together some tips for making the most of the festive season.

Festive Fundraising


Get your Christmas fundraising appeal noticed by donning your festive ensemble, complete with Santa hats and tacky Christmas jumpers to boot.  This always goes down great on social media as you can share photos and encourage people to get behind your fancy dress efforts, to sponsor the festive fun.  You can get everyone in your office involved – it’s a fun and engaging way to raise money for your charity, whilst spreading some Christmas cheer.


It’s becoming quite the trend to make a charitable donation in the place of sending out Christmas cards, notifying friends and family that the money is instead going to a good cause.  Spreading the word about this alternative is a great way to encourage people to give to your charity.  Giving Christmas cards can be costly and they often just end up in the bin, so making a donation in it’s place is a fantastic way to show love during the Christmas season.  Everyone wins!


There are many events throughout the Christmas season that are a perfect opportunity to raise money for charity.  The Boxing Day Swim is one such event, which takes place nation wide.  As its name suggests, the event involves dressing up, either as Santa or other fancy dress costumes, and braving the cold for a dip in the sea.  This is a fantastic opportunity to prompt donors, existing and new, to sponsor your charity.  


Your charity’s fundraising efforts can be greatly assisted by people who give donations as Christmas gifts this festive season.  We all have people in our lives who seem to have everything already and are therefore incredibly difficult to buy presents for, so making a charitable donation on their behalf is a fantastic option.  It’s a great idea for your charity to create some festive gift cards that people can present to their friends and loved ones, letting them know that a Christmas donation has been made for them.


Partnering with local businesses or publications is a great way to help to maximise the reach of your Christmas appeal.  Many organisations are happy to partner with charities on such collaborations as it is often good PR for them and in turn, it can bring in more donations for your charity. 

Festive Fundraising