Broadband is the key to any charity looking to collaborate and remain connected

It’s no secret that in today’s modern world, connectivity is vital for any charity. Working closely with you, we look to understand your charities requirements and the range of connectivity available to you. We identify key requirements that are suited for you today and in the future, as well as providing costings and benefits for each solution that we recommend. Whether you’re looking for ADSL or Fibre Broadband for your charity, or if it’s a leased line, we offer business-grade solutions for your charity.

ADSL Broadband

A reliable and trustworthy form of connection for any charity and voluntary organisation.

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Fibre Broadband

Our Fibre Broadband solutions provide you with greater speeds, reliability and scalability.

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Leased Line

Our dedicated internet connection is private and high performance providing you with peace of mind.

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