Managing the running costs for your organisation, especial charity photocopiers, can sometimes be a bit challenging. The cost of your calls may fluctuate from month-to-month and sometimes you may have unexpected costs that may arise if your equipment is dated.

Here at the VS Group, we’ve recently saved ourselves a fortune and we’d like to share this with you!

Cast your mind back 18 months ago, we had a standard office printer, using regular toners, used by a total of 16 staff members. Using the printer for everyday printing requirements and copying, we were spending, on average, £450 per month on toners!

So what did we do about this?

We recently became a Toshiba recommend partner and we thought, why not actually practice what we sell. At the start of July, we took delivery of our brand new Toshiba copier – wow what a difference its made so far!

Gone are the days when we are waiting around for new toners, with Toshiba’s automatic toner service, new toners arrive before they even run out! Printing cost wise, we are on track to save at least 50% on our previous print spend.

With the difference it’s made to us, just imagine what it could do for your organisation!

As an award-winning charity telecoms provider, take a look at our YouTube channel where our General Manager, John Frost provides more details about our printing setup and requirements.

If your organisation is looking to save money on telecoms, give us a call on 0330 094 0170.