Charities are always looking for ways to minimise their running costs, to maximise the available funds they have to spend on the good work that they do.  In many cases, out of all organisations, charities are tasked with one of the hardest challenges of juggling their overheads with providing charitable services with limited funds, fulfilling their obligations to supporters and donors in the process.

We are all aware that we are currently in a state of economic uncertainty and largely, prices are on the rise.  However in this article, we will be lifting the lid on one thing that charitable organisations needn’t pay more for, their telecoms and technology.

Without a doubt, all organisations, charitable or not, require a solid telecoms infrastructure.  In this post we will be getting to the crux of why it’s in charities best interest to opt for a specialist charity telecoms provider.

Better Understanding of the Charity Sector

It can’t be denied that in order to provide the best possible service, understanding your customer is key.  Specialist charity telecoms providers are there to meet the demand for affordable, high quality communications for Third Sector organisations.  Here at VS Group Charity Telecoms, we have an advanced understanding of how charitable organisations work and the sorts of budgets that they have.  Being on the same page from the start means that it is easier, faster and cheaper for charities.

Money Saved

In most instances, specialist charity telecoms providers are able to offer competitive pricing to charities that many corporate-focussed, profit-driven companies simply can’t match.  Typically, charities save 30% on their telecoms spend with VS Group, which in many cases equates to thousands of pounds saved annually.  As a result of our buying power, we are able to drive down costs and make such savings for the charities that we work with.  In addition to this, VS Group offer a price promise guarantee where we will beat any genuine like-for-like quote, so charities can be sure that they are getting the best deal.

Fixed Costs

Many charities switch to VS Group because they were unhappy with their previous providers, for reasons such as poor customer service, overcharging or unexpected or inflated bills.

One of the things that VS Group prides itself on is our ability to fix costs over the term of our contracts.  By providing a ‘price rise protection’ on our contracts, charities can effectively plan and manage their expenditure on tech and telecoms for the future.

This can protect charities against the sting of inflation and prevent any nasty shocks when they get their bills through.  Instead charities know exactly what their outgoings are for their telecoms spend and can be confident that they will not change.

Why Choose Charity Telecoms - VS Group

Exceptional Service

Because of the good work that they do, VS Group goes over and above for the charities that we work with.  Our aim is to do what we can to facilitate them and their running processes.  We go that extra mile where other, more corporate, bottom-line focused companies may not.

We make it simple and easy for charities to combine all of their communications needs under one supplier, which cheaper and easier to manage, freeing up the charity both time and money.

Buying You Out Of Your Costly Current Contract

In some cases VS Group is able to buy charities who wish to switch out of their current contracts to free them up to make a fresh start with us.  This is especially helpful for charities that are unhappy with the service that they are receiving from their current provider.

Access to Emerging Technologies

Due to our buying power, we can offer charities access to new and emerging technologies at a reduced rate, which they may not otherwise have enough budget for.  This means that charities don’t need to scrape by with sub-standard, obsolete communications infrastructure and can instead take advantage of technology that provides better customisability options and better customer service management.  Examples of this are cloud technology and IP phones, both of which we offer.

The Added Extras

We all know that little things can add up over time, which is why VS Group endeavours to throw in added extras for charities free, where other companies would typically charge.  For example, all charities that switch over to VS Group receive free maintenance of their system, free installation and free ongoing support with our UK-based service team, and in some instances we throw in free comms hardware, such as handsets and mobile phone sets.

So Many Other Charities Are Doing It

So far, almost 200 charities big and small have saved by switching over to VS Group and more and more charities continue to follow suit.  There is little wonder why, when all charities want to do is channel as much of their funds towards the work that they do and reduce their overheads.  View our testimonials and case studies to see why all of our charities can’t be wrong!