Donations are the lifeblood of all charities, so implementing the most effective fundraising strategy is essential for any Third Sector organisation.  In this VS Group blogpost, we are sharing some simple tips to help shake up your fundraising efforts, to maximise your charity’s income.

1. Contactless Payments

We are moving towards an increasing cashless world where it’s all about contactless payments, be it through a touch of your card or even your smartphone.  Statistics show that people are more likely to donate a larger amount when using contactless payment methods compared to cash, which has got charitable organisations such as the Church of England utilising the new technology in their fundraising efforts.  Contactless payments make it super easy to donate, which is good for all concerned.

2. Online Crowdfunding Platforms

The emergence of crowdfunding platforms has revolutionised the world of charitable giving.  They have made it possible to take fundraising campaigns online and in the process, maximise their reach, especially when used in conjunction with social media.   This also gives the potential to gain real momentum and in many cases, fundraising campaigns can go viral.  Just like the aforementioned contactless payment methods, online crowdfunding platforms are highly convenient to use.

3. Video Content

Everyone is on social media these days and if you really want to get your fundraising campaign noticed without it getting lost in timelines, video content is the way forward.  Why?  Two main reasons: it is more eye catching and on most social media platforms such as Facebook – its timeline algorithm favours video content over written text or photos, in addition to this, videos are simply more eye-catching and can help to build a narrative.

So share a video of  your charity’s fundraising efforts with the world and get noticed in the online realm.  Creating engaging video content is pretty straightforward and can be done on a smartphone…and you may be surprised at the quality that can be achieved with a bit of simple editing.

4. Choose Places with High Footfall

If you are fundraising out on the street then strategically choosing a place that receives higher footfall during key times is the best plan of action.  Don’t forget that most charities are required to obtain a Street Collection License, typically from the council.  This can often apply to private land, so be sure to double check with your local authority about whether or not your will need a licence. Dressing up or wearing something that matches your charity’s branding palette is another great way to get noticed in amongst the crowds.

VS Group Fundraising Ideas For Charities

5. Get Gift Aid

Claiming Gift Aid is a crucial opportunity for charities to utilise to maximise funding.  By simply asking to add Gift Aid onto peoples donations, which costs them nothing more, charities can receive another another 25% on top of the price of the donation made.  So for every £100 in donations, they would get an additional £25.  Gift Aid is available to any registered charity and can be claimed online.

6. Get a Sponsor to Match Donations

Match donations‘ can be arranged with a corporate sponsor (usually a business or organisation), that pledges to match, pound for pound, all donations made to a charity, usually over a specific period of time.  This is proven by studies to encourage people to give more frequently, as donors may feel that they are getting more charitable ‘bang’ for their buck.  In fact, researchers found “donors gave 2.5 times more to charity on average when match-funded”.  Match donations pledges can provide a fantastic marketing angle and are a good way to cross promote fundraising efforts with your cooperate sponsor.

7. Reward Loyalty

loyalty to your charity should be recognised and celebrated as it is mutually beneficial for both the donor and the beneficiary, after all, it does cost more of your charity’s money to find new ones than it does to have existing and loyal ones.  It is important not  to only focus on getting new donors, instead, divide your efforts between getting new ones and building relationships with your current ones, which, over time will convert to more donations for your charity.

8. Offer Donations in the Form of Gifts

Making it possible to make donations on behalf of others, in the form of a gift, is a great way to encourage giving.  Make it easy for people to do this by creating gift cards, or something that can be presented as a gift, indicating the donation on their behalf.

9. Text Donations

Again, using modern technology is essential when it comes to maximising the profits of any charity.  You can make it super easy for people to donate to your fundraising efforts from the palm of their hands by using their smartphones.   Usually, something in the region of £5 can be donated by sending a text to a certain number, which automatically get wired to the charity.  This can easily be set up on platforms such as Just Text Giving, which has been created from a partnership between fundraising platform, Just Giving and Vodaphone.  This simplifies the giving process and facilities ease for people who wish to make impulsive donations, who can simply just take out their phone and completed the transaction there and then.

VS Group Tips for Fundraising for Charities

10. Give a Little Something Something Back

Studies have shown that giving a small gift away, such as a sticker or a badge, can encourage people to donate.  It’s also a good way to engage with kids who may want one of whatever it is that you are offering, which can subsequently encourage parents to give.  However it’s important to get the balance right when it comes to rewarding your donors – going overboard can have the  opposite effect and take away from the selfless gesture and the feeling of altruism that it gives.  If the thank you gift is too generous e.g. a mug gift, this may make some people feel that those funds have been wasted and should have been used towards  charitable work instead.  The trick is to keep it small and simple and avoid going overboard.