As experts of the Telecoms Industry, we have observed the coming and going of a wide range of technological trends over the years.  However, when it comes to one trend in particular, Cloud Technology, the popularity and demand continues to grow.

So what exactly is Cloud Technology and why is Cloud Telephony such a great option?  The best way to describe it is telecom’s answer to flexible and dynamic modern day working.  Also known as ‘hosted’ or ‘VoIP’, it is a telephony service that is delivered via an internet connection, with a data centre on a Cloud Server, unlike traditional PBX systems.

VS Group offer Cloud Telephony solutions from as little as £15.95 per month, per seat, with no additional costs, making it an ultra-affordable option for charities.  Let’s get in to what makes it so special.

Flexible Working

The only requirement for Cloud Telephony is an internet connection.  It demands very little configuration, ensuring that charities can easily redistribute their handsets if they needed to.  Cloud Telephony also makes it ultra-efficient for charities spread across several sites to connect them up.  VS Group offer free calls between sites for charities, meaning that they can make real saving by switching.

Cloud also provides fantastic flexibility to members of staff or volunteers who work remotely or from home or those who hot desk.  In addition to this, Cloud Telephony can save office space by taking away the requirement to store telephone systems and servers in your charity’s office.

VS Group Hosted Cloud Telephony

Keep Existing Numbers 

When switching to Cloud Telephony, there needn’t be any hassle with having to change your charity’s numbers, as you can keep your existing ones.  In addition to this, you can register geographic numbers, for example, you can get a London number, even if you office is based in Birmingham.

Ultra Affordable 

VS Group offer Hosted Cloud Telephony systems from just £15.99 per seat, with free installation, calls and maintenance and free hardware included.  The cost for calls is fixed so charities can better plan their outgoings, without having to worry about any nasty price rises.  Charities can also save money by only paying for what they need.

With Cloud, charities can tailor their telephony to the number of staff at the organisation, without having to make any costly commitments, like you would with a traditional PBX system. Charities can simply upscale and downscale to meet its needs.

Easy to Configure 

Not only is Cloud Telephony space efficient, requiring no PBX system installation, it is ultra easy to configure, making it a good option for people of a wide range of technological abilities. All options can be set using an simple to use web portal.

Modern Technology

Cloud Telephony provides a whole host of modern technological benefits, some of which include detailed caller analysis information, allowing you to determine where your incoming calls are from geographically, in addition to providing call metrics.  It is also highly customisable and dynamic, allowing charities to hold conference calls and transfer calls with ease.  There’s the option to manage incoming calls with music ‘on hold’, click to dial functions and call assignment abilities.  Mobile phones can also be configured with Cloud desktop handsets, for use as a business extension.

Secure to Use

The service provider is the one who takes care of all updates and security procedures, so you can rest assured that your charity’s telephony is safe and secure.

VS Group Hosted Cloud Telephony

If Cloud Telephony sounds like something that your charity would benefit from, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the VS Group team to enquire, or learn more about it here.

VS Group offer a price promise Guarantee, so charities can be confident that they are getting the best cost-saving solution with us.  We typically save the charities that we work with at least 30% on their current spend.