When it comes to charity campaigns, there have been some pretty incredible ones that have gone viral over the past few years.  Here we are sharing 7 of the all time best charity campaigns, to help inspire your Third Sector organisation.

1. Ice bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge took the world by storm, with millions of people bravely throwing freezing cold buckets of iced water over their heads, filming it and uploading it to social media to raise money and awareness for ASL (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).  The well meaning craze went viral on social media and snowballed further when celebrities got involved with it.  Participants nominated their friends to also take part in the challenge which further helped its reach, resulting in it becoming one the biggest campaigns of its kind.  All of the money raised helped to fund a major research breakthrough, identifying a gene that is associated with the disease.

2. Movember

Movember is an annual event where men are encouraged to grow their moustaches out for the month of November, to raise money and awareness for men’s health.  On average, men die 6 years before women do, and the campaign aims to make a change to this.  Both men and women are encouraged to get involved with the Movember campaign, with a series of active events that take place throughout the awareness month.

3. No Makeup Selfie

The No Makeup Selfie was created to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK.  Women were urged to show their bare faces on social media, using the hashtag ‘#NoMakeupSelfie’, and nominate their friends to do the same.  The campaign, which was not even started by Cancer Research, raised over £8 million in just 6 days, providing funding for up to 6 clinical trials.  Numerous celebrities also got involved with the the challenge, including the likes of Cheryl Cole and Beyonce.

4. #FirstWorldProblems

The ‘#FirstWorldProblems’ campaign for the charity, Water is Life, caught people’s attention en masse.  The main aspect of the campaign comprised of a video with Haitian people reading out #FirstWorldProblems, which acted as a striking way to put things into perspective.  If you are not already familiar with the hashtag #FirstWorldProblems, it is generally used when people post on social media about petty problems such as slow internet, your local Starbucks being out of your favourite brew, or the traffic on your way to work – generally used in an ironic way.  The campaign made a massive effort in raising awareness for the charity.

5.  Do Something Funny for Money

Comic Relief’s iconic ‘Do Something Funny for Money’ slogan is at the heart of one of the biggest, unmissable charity campaigns in the UK.  As part of their annual Red Nose Day festivities, people are called to do something funny to help raise money for the cause, and many celebrities take part in the yearly Red Nose day television broadcasts.

Red nose day 1

6.  PETA – We Would Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur

Animal activism charity PETA has gained a reputation for using nude models to catch attention for its campaigns.  ‘I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ is one of their major ongoing campaigns, in which many celebrities have taken part, including the likes of Pink, Naomi Campbell, Eva Mendes and Pamela Anderson, who have all stripped down and promoted the campaign’s iconic slogan.

7. The Salvation Army – Black and Blue Dress

The South American Salvation Army’s campaign against domestic violence was so popular that it was shared globally.  The clever campaign features a model wearing #TheDress, which itself has been at the centre of much heated debate, as to its colour.  The original image of #TheDress, went viral across social media, photographed on its own in lighting that made it very difficult to determine exactly what colour it was (full story here).  Many people on social media where claiming that the dress was gold and black whilst others were determined that it was black and blue.  The Salvation Army put across a hard-hitting image of a ‘black and blue’ woman, wearing the said dress, resulting in a highly impactful campaign.