When it comes to fundraising, the possibilities are simply endless.  If you are wanting to raise some money for good cause but are feeling overwhelmed, here are 10 awesome fundraising recommendations to help you out.

Jump Off a Plane

Jumping out of a plane is sure to get lots attention, which is why it is such a popular fundraising stunt.  If you are feeling brave and fancy taking the plunge, there are airfields across the UK where you can do a sponsored skydive, and many will offer it at a reduced rate if the dive is to raise money for a good cause.  That is not to mention the fact that afterwards you will have some pretty amazing pictures to show you friends family and everyone who donated!

Climb a Mountain

Climbing a mountain is one of the most challenging and testing endeavours that someone can undertake, so there is little wonder why they are so effective with cultivating attention and raising money.

Weeks or even months of preparation are sometimes necessary for a successful expedition, depending on the mountain chosen.  Everest and Kilimanjaro are both popular options, but for something in the UK that is less extreme, The Lake District, Snowdonia and the Peak District are all home to fantastic mountains.

VS Group’s Managing Director, Kevin Penman, will be undertaking a self-funded Kilimanjaro climb to raise money for a selection of charities, including Forever Manchester, Bluebell Wood and Macmillan.  He is documenting his progress online, both on the VS Group blog and across social media with the hashtag #KevinVSKilimanjaro, that’s not to mention we are guest posting over on the Forever Manchester blog.  If a charity Kilimanjaro climb is something that you are interested in, feel free to take a look at Kevin’s training journey for inspiration!

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Run A Marathon

Marathons are an incredible feat of fitness, endurance and self discipline and like climbing mountains, they can take months to prepare for.  The good news is that many marathons or half marathons welcome people of all ages and abilities to partake, so that people can go at whatever pace suits them.  Regardless of what your time is, to run a full or half marathon is a massive achievement and something to be celebrated, both on a personal and charitable level.

Sponsored Silence

A sponsored silence is a perfect example of a straightforward, yet effective fundraising stunt that anyone can do.  But that’s not to say that staying silent is easy!  You can keep your silence for as long as your self control will stretch, but many people opt to do it for a day.

Fundraising Ideas for Charities 3

Dance Performance

Dust off those dancing shoes and get yourself on the dance floor, all in the name of good causes.  You can raise money with a choreographed dance routine impersonating one of your favourite artists, performing it either in public or filming it and putting it online, sharing it on social media for extra reach.  This can be linked to your Just Giving or Go Fund Me page to make it easy for people to donate to your chosen good cause.

Sports Tournament

Sports tournaments are an amazing source of entertainment that all can enjoy.  From football, basketball, netball or boxing, there are a plethora of sports to choose from.  All you need are some willing volunteers to participate in the tournament and to spread the world on your event.  Invite people to come along and donate generously!

Fancy Dress

Playing dress-up is always fun so why not consider unlocking your wild alter-ego to raise money for a good cause and amuse those around you in the process?  From weird and/or wonderful, get creative with your costume and flaunt it for the good causes.

Crazy Hairstyle

If you are feeling especially adventurous with your fundraising and don’t mind the prospect of a dramatic change of appearance then why not consider getting a crazy hairstyle or dyeing your hair a bright colour.  For those who are particularly dedicated, you could consider shaving your head and if you have long hair, you can donate it to charity too.

Giving Something Up

We all have certain vices or addictions that we could give up, to the amusement of others.  Some ideas include, giving up smoking, chocolate, makeup or beer!  The choice is yours.  One thing is for sure, people will come together to support you and donate to help  you along your way.  Simply spread the word.

Epic Tea Party

Who doesn’t love tea parties?  Fundraising tea parties make for the perfect excuse to get the people you know together to raise money for good causes over tea and cake.  Put the kettle on and invite your guests to bring along cakes, be it handmade or not, and have a jolly nice time, raising money in the process.

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